Saturday 3 May 2014

Unexpected Experience

Husband and I had a day in London today, but first I'll show you a bit of sewing from late last night!

I stitched the blue zigzag blocks into strips, so they are ready to be assembled and basted:

So: London: I was surprised at what went well, and what wasn't so good.  We went to the British Museum to see the Viking Exhibition, then to the Building Centre in Tottenham Court Road, followed by the Fabric & Textile museum in Bermondsey Road, and finally we popped into the London Glass Blowing centre in the same road

We had vouchers for  the two museums: two for the price of one, and the glass blowing and the Building Centre were free - and they were the better places!!!!!

The Viking exhibition was packed, they allowed (I think) too many in at a time and the initial room was small with no indication how big the collection was, so we were all trying to see and read everything.  Some exhibits had the words twice: once low down and the other on the glass at eye height, but other just had the low level words so you couldn't read it unless you were *the* person in front of the exhibit!  We did spend 90 minutes in there, but I'd say close to half was waiting  for someone to move out of the way!

In contrast the (free) Building Centre was really well laid out with lots of information.  We especially liked the 'liquid' floor tiles. (Sorry video not great :-(

Then on to the F&TM - it was small, and unless you wanted to see Andy Warhol or Picasso screen printed fabrics there wasn't much to look at!

And finally we watch a glass blower - it was great to watch but I have to say that although it was free to watch, the prices were out of my price range - I think this (above) was £3000!!!

Lovely day, but I'm looking forward to a sewing day tomorrow!


  1. I would love to do London. Have you ever been to 'Liberty of London?'

  2. I have been to the Fashion and Textile Museum when it had an exhibition of Bellville Sassoon evening dresses on, and it was really interesting. Shame you.didn't have as good an experience.

  3. It sounds like a lovely way to spend a day, interesting that the 'free' place was the best!


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