Saturday 31 May 2014

Perfect Packing Priorities

I haven't actually been here for the last few posts - I haven't even had much Internet access so I'm sorry if you have commented and I haven't replied: I will get caught up eventually.

I've been at my cousin's cottage in Norway, if you've hung out here for while you've probably seen several posts of photos of the cottage and the island and the beach - we try and go at least every few years and its beautiful!

Anyway this time I thought I'd show you my packing priorities:

Hand sewing kit

Hand quilting kit

Tara's quilts (here and here) to be finished and delivered to her grandmother for onward delivery

 Given that we don't have hold luggage ... not much room for clothes!


  1. who needs clothes? mind you it is Norway!! .. oh just borrow some from the family xx have fun x

  2. You pack like I do. Always gotta have a project or two - just in case.
    Glad you're having fun.
    I've been to Oslo and Bergen - but not on my last trip. We were only a ferry ride away ( with the use of a car, too) but other destinations kept up busy in Gothenberg. Next time.

  3. Essentials! You can always beg, borrow or steal clothes. I usually visit a few charity shops on arrival and get what I need, or what will do, donate them back to the shops before departure, win, win, win!

  4. good to see you have your priorities right!

  5. Love your essentials for the trip!

  6. Sewing is way more important than clothes!!


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