Monday 2 June 2014

Holiday Happiness

Once you're back from a holiday, and unpacked and put away, and gone back to work, it can seem as though you never went away.

Thank goodness for photos and achievements!

We spent hours and hours on this beach, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the solitude

I saw patchwork and quilting inspiration at every turn - a quilted cushion cover in the museum

A ticker tape quilt in the jetty:

A real log cabin:

A scrappy quilt in the walls of the monastery:

and free range quilting lines in the rocks:

One of the hand sewing projects I took along was this which will eventually become a note book cover 
To begin with,
this idea plus this

plus this idea that I Pinned ages ago, saw this stitching happening for the front

But the more I went to the beach and saw this and this . . .

. . . the more I wanted to introduce curves . . .  and the back is now starting to look like this
  and all together . . .

And on a more somber note: goodbye to an old friend


  1. Lovely scenery, I can see why you are inspired. Pleased you had a brilliant holiday. Love the Kantha stitched piece.

  2. Inpiration. Love the curvy rainbow hand-stitching.

  3. Just got caught up on your last few posts. I like all the inspiration and colorful hand stitching. Beautiful Norway!

  4. I love the rainbow stitching, amazing inspiration!

  5. can see you were inspired with all you saw, stitching is looking so good with those curves

  6. Lovely kantha style stitchery and a great way to remember your holiday.

  7. Fab inspiration photos, fab book cover quilting!


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