Tuesday 24 June 2014

Secret Finish Part 2 (quilting)

I'm really not a quilter.  I don't much enjoy machine quilting, and I'm quite sure life is too short for hand quilting, but for some reason I got it into my head that having hand pieced this quilt I should hand quilt it too

So I spent the next month doing just that

Jackie is very kindly including me as an honorary Grandmother (she gleefully told me six months ago "We are going to be grandmothers"!!!!) so I felt the baby needed to be in touch with its Norwegian heritage - so I've used my favourite Michael Miller Vikings fabric for the backing

I had pretty much finished the quiting when I went to visit Jackie in February.  My plan was to sacrifice the edges of the outer hexies, and finish with a straight yellow boarder - bish bash bosh - it would done in plenty of time . . .

However - Jackie and I played around with some ideas for finishing *her* hexi quilt, which made me rethink the finishing of the yellow quilt

so tomorrow I'll show you how I finished the edges of the yellow hexies


  1. Isn't it intriguing how our projects 'speak' to us. It demanded you hand-quilt - I am so glad you did as it is the perfect touch to finish this wonderful quilt.

  2. Gorgeous finish! and your handstitching is perfect!

  3. Fabulous! Really love the quilting, Benta! Hope your first 'grandie' likes it too!

  4. hand quilting was the right way to go with your hexies, I find it so relaxing to do, whereas machine quilting gets me all tensed up

  5. think of all the LOVE you are putting into that quilt ... a stitch at a time xx

  6. And I still haven't done my hexies..... Oh the shame :-(


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