Monday 30 June 2014

Fabric Fun on Friday (part 2)

After my last post I had a bit of time before I needed to set off to teach the covered journals, so I made a few more - they really are doable in 20 minutes or so!

Here are a reporter's notebook (spiral bound at the top), a small hardback notebook, and a travel pass (that'll be the one with a London bus on the front!)

I also had a piece that I made about 3.5 years ago: Kate North was hosting a Stay At Home Round Robin : she gave us monthly instructions as to size and location of a piece and we added or created what we wanted.  I made three and I have no idea what happened to the pink or the blue, but I loved the black/white/red piece but had no idea what to do with it - until today!  It was the perfect size to become a ring binder cover

After I'd had loads of fun making these I let the Chertsey ladies have a go too!

From the same samples, the same set of instructions and the same resources box I was amazed how very different their covers turned out:


  1. Well done ladies they are all so different and so lovely. I love your black white and red one!

  2. It is amazing to work with fabric and see, given the same set of instructions, how different each one looks.

  3. Congratulations, ladies.Such a beautiful covers.Hard to choose only one fav.Have a fun day!!

  4. These are wonderful! I want to go out straight away and find some books to cover :D

  5. Great to see it used - glad you found something to do with it!


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