Friday 27 June 2014

Fabric Fun on Friday (Covered notebook)

Thanks for sticking with me through the tale of the yellow hexi quilt - we are done with it now, except maybe for a photo of the gorgeous boy ON his quilt!

We have now entered the last month of school in England, and life gets sillier and sillier for the next (yes I've counted them) 19 days, so not much sewing will happen.  However, a class to teach tonight, and a project I've never made before meant I had to find some time to have a little practise.

The session is one of Chertsey Museum's Craft and Wine (subtitled by the manger "the drunken sewing club"), and we will be making covered journals.  The photo used for the advert was this one . . .

. . . which was a birthday pressie from Jackie - great for the ad, but I still needed to make one myself.  Jackie doesn't blog, so I couldn't copy from her, so I really hope the lovely lovely Plum doesn't mind that I have blatantly copied from her blog!

The PDF is here and I have publicly attributed the photos and most of the text to her, but to prove I really did make one, here are my photos:

Before turning

And after

There is something very satisfying about using the legs of a discarded pair of jeans!


  1. did you HAVE to remind us when the school year will be over!! lol x have fun to-night

  2. So let me get this right, your summer break in England is only 19 days long? Well, that's not much fun.

  3. Thanks for the shout out - hope that the session went well, and that any wine spilt went only on plastic covered or easily washable covers! Your jeans one looks fab - yet another idea for what to do with the odd pair lurking in the pile behind me when I sew!

  4. I saw the cutest hot pads at a yard sale yesterday, made with denim and kept the pocket in tact, then embellished ..
    I am longing to attend a drunken sewing club..

  5. The kids here got out mid week, my journey to work immediately had about 75% less cars, it was really weird! Technically I have until mid August to enjoy it, but I suspect the Games will have a bit of an impact too ;o)

  6. School holidays mean that we can nip to the shops around 3.30pm and still find a parking space!

    Great upcycle Benta :)


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