Friday 20 June 2014

Friends on Friday

(And Saturday and Sunday!). Jackie is here this weekend, for a three day weekend and the challenge is on to see how much we can pack in!

So today Jackie had a few hours unsupervised in my kitchen, so I came in from work to be greeted by this

And this

And this!!!

( to be fair, this was the view after supper, they were complete when I got home!)

Then we went to Chertsey Museum and made these with the lovely ladies, 

followed by shopping in Hobby Craft, and then a spot of making!

Jackie helped me make a boxy pouch

We made button bracelets

And she learnt how to use an embroidery machine!


  1. how lovely to have someone to spend time stitching etc with lucky lady

  2. And we have two more days :-)

  3. ooh! does she want to come and visit MY kitchen xx?

  4. Okay, sodie bread, cheesecake and what the what now?! Nice to have an in house chef though, does she tour and take requests? ;o)


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