Saturday 21 June 2014

Saturday Sewing

Another fab day with Jackie :-)

She helped with with some decision making: the rainbow charms

(now ready to be chain stitched)

Another decision made - the aqua fabrics have been cut ready to piece

And these cotton pieces have had their future decided, and they have been washed in case of shrinkage:

We made another two boxy pouches: so that's some Christmas pressies sorted,

Jackie learnt more tricks with my embroidery machine

And made a pressie for the new grandson!

Not bad results for one day eh?

Tomorrow ... Sandown!!!!


  1. So let me get this straight, in house chef AND in house fabric advisor? I definitely need to get me a one of them...

  2. such a productive day and have a wonderful time at Sandown I am sure there will be lots of quilts to see and admire, plus some things to tempt you with a splash some cash

  3. Hi Benta! That layout on the bright blue looks fantastic! So beautiful Fabrics waiting on your sewing machine! x Teje

  4. Great team.You have been very busy.There will be colorful and stunning projects.Have fun playing with your fabrics!!


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