Monday 23 June 2014

Secret Finish Part 1 (piecing)

Back in January I showed you a recent photo of the Yellow Hexie Quilt that implied it was still a way off being a completed top, and therefor a long way off being finished.

Since then I haven't shown you any more photos and haven't even dropped any more clues.  The quilt was being finished for a baby; both under construction at the same time, but baby's grandma is my best friend Jackie.  Like the very best kind of best friend she is a loyal reader of this blog, but I wanted the quilt to be a surprise.  Jackie has now seen the quilt, and has taken it for baby Aidan, so I can share the rest of it's story here:

So the work had been plodding on, and the photos had been taken, but until now, unshared!  The earliest post about this top is March 2013, but it was actually started a year or so before that

18th January

20th January

All pieced :-)

Tomorrow I'll show you what I decided to do about quilting


  1. Looks lovely! It knew it had a special person waiting for it so made you take your time.

  2. It`s just stunning and sure her mum is delighted with it!!


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