Wednesday 7 May 2014

Pretty Perfect Pockets

I bought a very basic tunic top from Primark in the week (for those of you not living in the UK, Primark = Walmart type prices).  I was really pleased with it, but I'll probably wear it with leggings* so there was a pocket problem - ie there wasn't one, and I do like to have somewhere to at least put my phone and keys if I'm going out.

(*why do some people wear leggings as trousers?  Do they know we can see their knickers and the leggings label through the stretched knitted leggings?  I'm sure they were designed to replace tights, not trousers!  Anyway, rant over, rest assured I only wear them with a tunic top that would be decent even if I had bare legs!)

I googled "How do I add a side seam pocket?" (I love Google) and it took me to a Craftsy page called "how to sew pockets"

And now this

Looks like this

(I do plan to wear it outside out, but thought it might help to photograph it inside out!!!)


  1. Oooh good job! I love a pocket too. And the leggings rant. You can see a lot of people NOT wearing their leggings properly at Walmart by the way : )

  2. I have my own personal photo of someone at Walmart living up to expectations.
    On a wholly positive thought, I tend to think people who wear leggings (the tighter the better) as jeans have amazing positive body image thoughts. As long as they are wearing leggings, no fat rolls exist, no cellulite jiggles, no imperfections exist, and the doughnut of fat trying to escape in the middle just shows they can eat whatever and keep on shopping at Walmart/Primark. They are one with their body.
    As long as we don't see the crack when they bend over...

    Good job on adding pockets to the side seams.

    1. I sat here, sagely nodding to your passionate philosophical speech, until I reached the end ... and spluttered my mouthful of coffee over the screen!!!!!

  3. Clever you and the top is lovely too :-)

  4. I would love to know what the leggings as trousers people think when they see themselves in the mirror, it surely can't be the same as I am thinking !

  5. You wouldn't be the first to wear their tunic inside out...should that happen. Well done on the remodel.

    Those leggings as trousers people must be related to the let my pants sag down past my bumm people. I honestly saw a boy with his belt "holding up his pants" below his butt cheeks.

  6. Love the tunic! I guess every generation has the fashion faux pas. Even the skinny brigade look silly wearing them as trousers.

  7. What a great idea! I'm with you as the 'leggings instead of tights' rather than 'leggings instead of trousers' and couldn't help nodding along to Fiona's comment!!


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