Monday 5 May 2014

Manic Moday and Lisa's Latest

When a baby arrives, I need to make a quilt, its kind of a Pavlovian thing.  There may (or may not) be a quilt finished for Jackie's grandchildson, but if there is it isn't going to Ireland yet, which means something else has to take its place for now.

So a pile of 8" squares became this today, and I'm now frantically stitching down the binding so I can get it in the post.

And Lisa?

Before she went I watched a documentary about the Grand Canyon - it's so deep that if you fall from the top it's 40 seconds until you reach the bottom . . .

Now you may understand today's photo via Brendon's Facebook!


  1. You are a quilting powerhouse Benta! Love the Grand Canyon post :)

  2. What is that child doing to you ???? Well done on the quilt you are putting me to shame xxx

  3. Good work! Love Lisa's photo too!


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