Sunday 2 August 2015

Five a Day (almost) Finished

This woven quilt builds up quite quickly, so once I had the extra black yardage I could get it done and machine bound. I'll hand sew the binding to the back when it's a bit cooler.

This could be made from FQs, although I had half a yard of each fabric which was far more than necessary!  (this is quilt number 2, and number 3 is also under construction, and there is enough left for a few tote bags too!)

It looks complicated, but I cut 5" strip x width of fabric from each fabric, and added 2.5" x wof to each long edge.

Once I'd pressed seams to the dark side I checked the total height and it was 9" (yay for 1/4" seams). I then sub cut the units into 9" squares so I could arrange them into a woven design
Then I did a bit of speed dating to arrange the blocks. I've seen this quilt done with random placement, and that's fine but my slight OCD means mine has to *look* woven, and all the red and orange fruits and vegetables have to go one direction while the others go the other way. Like they say at Subway, I want it done my way!

Because I wanted it on point, some of the blocks had to be cut through 45 degrees - if you are having a go do check TWICE that you are cutting on the right diagonal (no muttering at the back as to how I discovered the importance of this)

These sized blocks fitted perfectly onto an IKEA fleece (51x67") and the left over 5" blocks are being made into this bonus quilt, AND I've shifted a pile of stash fabric - all good!  


  1. Very nicely done! The colors just seem to pop out of the black. I like the design of the woven one.

  2. I think we should put you in a contest for most projects done in a day.
    Fab work, as usual and big prizes for moving stash.

  3. this has really caught my eye and will have to make a note of how to do it, silly me would have cut the 5" squares but doing it in strips makes so much sense so that is another on my to do list it grows every day

  4. These are both lovely Benta, I would have had the same trouble with the angles so you are not alone :)

  5. Fab, Benta. I'll need to try this out with bits of paper first I think to get my head round fabric placement.

  6. This is great and easy! Except those edge pieces. I'm going to sreal this for my next stash busting quilt!

  7. This is great and easy! Except those edge pieces. I'm going to sreal this for my next stash busting quilt!

  8. Well done on another finish and using from your stash :-)


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