Friday 7 August 2015

Fun in the Sun

I had a great afternoon at Chertsey Museum this afternoon, not many ladies as it's holiday season, but it meant that I could play too!
I did a short talk about advent calendars - I'd managed to forget my own samples

But a lovely colleague at school lent me two that I did remember to take, so we looked at lots of different possibilities (thanks Anna)

And then we started to play!  The fabric marbling kit was coming to an end: the chemicals to prepare the fabric and to create the base for the paints to float on have now been used up, so we kept going until the very last piece of prepared fabric was used, then threw the dregs of the paints away, but we've created some fab pieces

 I'm not sure that photo collage shows just *how* much fabric we marbled!  This pic shows more of it!

Our next challenge is to make things out of our fabrics! 


  1. Fun projects and Christmas is around!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Those marbled fabrics are pretty - this would be a fun craft to try with the neighbour kids (until my own give me grandies, that is, LOL) :)

  3. Looks like you got great value out of those paints Benta, look forward to seeing what you do with the fabric.

  4. Beautiful marbling. I'll look forward to seeing these evolve :)

  5. What great fabrics! Sounds like you all had a fun afternoon!

  6. ... you have some wonderful creative opportunities there .. and how great that you got to join in with the fun and games xx

  7. love marbled fabric, wonder how you did it as there is a product on the market they are selling at the shows that is meant to make life easier and the purse a lot lighter.? Trying to wake up the little brain I have did I use wallpaper paste

  8. looks like you had a lot of fun ;-)


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