Saturday 22 August 2015

Slogging and Sewing

I'm slogging through the pre-school uniforms: 45 down, no idea how many to do, but plenty still in the box!  Also a delivery of four dressing gowns, and two PE kits, and a few school jumpers - not sure I'll have time to go back to work in September!!!

The pre-school embroidery is fairly routine, and I can generally hear a change in the sound if its going to play up, so I've been taking the risk of multitasking

I've made myself a thinner version of this credit card wallet (original instructions here)

The museum added a cover for a Guest Book to their order, so I did the embroidery, and then covered a ring binder

The plan is that they can reuse the ring binder - I can just make them a new cover each time

I made some more sweet 16 blocks - thanks Wren for most of these fabrics!

And I spent a bit of time on the computer - I received these lovely photos of Samuel and his I-spy quilt (and mum and dad looking very happy parents!)


  1. Im amazed you get time to do anything for .. YOU x well done for managing it xx

  2. So much embroidery! The book cover looks great. I'd love to read all the comments you'll get about the perfumes. Your credit card wallet looks good too and the baby is adorable :)

  3. How did you make the CC wallet thinner? I was squinting at photos but nothing obvious poked me in the eye.

  4. you will need a holiday after finishing all these things for school and thr museum never mind school holidays ending! I missed the credit card last time so thanks for the link. Samuel looks so cosy under his quilt

  5. Busy girl.The credit card wallet is very nice and great Samuel `s parents love the quilt,that`t the most wonderful prize.

    Have a fun week,

  6. Do you ever sleep?? How nice to see your I-spy quilt in action.

  7. Busy, busy, busy! Samuel looks such a cutie I'm sure he'll love the I Spy.

  8. Glad to help you along with your sweet 16 blocks!


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