Sunday 16 August 2015

Marble Making and Museum Making

I decided I needed to actually make something with the patches of fabric that had been marbled a few weeks ago, but first I needed to test how permanent the paint was. I had read the instructions (!) and prepared the fabric, and then pressed it to heat set it.

This is the "before washing" photo

And this is the "after washing" photo

Slightly paler, but not too bad! I paired up the patches, found lining fabrics and zips, and set to making zippy pouches.

 The zip colours look a bit random until you see the lining ...

The museum is planning a fashion display which also showcases classic scents of the last five decades. The scent will be sprayed onto silk, . . .could I embroider the details onto the silk? Gulp!

I've done the sample stitch onto silk I had leftover from a previous project, and I'll take it to the museum for (hopefully) approval tomorrow


  1. You are one busy and productive lady! Glad the fabric basically held it's colors!

  2. the marbled fabric has made up beautifully into the pouches and your silk work has worked well too, not easy on silk as it is so slippy, I am sure the museum will be well pleased


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