Thursday 13 August 2015

Zillions of Zips

Alright, slight exaggeration, but a pouch with two zips, all by myself!!

This first bag is a binding bag that I made at Jackie's, but I thought it had potential as a hexies kit too


Potential, yes, but I wanted a few changes - so here are the two together

The new one is smaller, is more of a roll than a wallet, has two zipped sections, and a snugger pocket for my specs

I'm really happy with it, and itching to go away again so I can use it!!

I also made some sparkly bunting for a friend


I wonder what I can make tomorrow?






  1. I think you should come and visit me so you can really test it out:-)

  2. They're colourful and pretty - I like the changes you made :) I think you should book a weekend at a quilt retreat so you can try both of them out "in the wild", and make sure they work properly! ;)

  3. Why not jump across the pond - all the way to the Pacific - and you'll have plenty of hours to function test.

  4. practical and pretty I have just done a roll for pencils etc but you have taken yours up several gears

  5. These are great Benta, they definitely deserve to go on a trip somewhere nice for a road test :)


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