Sunday 30 August 2015

Wool On Sundays

My friend Janine blogs at Rainbow Hare and is a keen knitter and crochet-er, and runs a linkie every Sunday.

I very rarely link up as I don't (can't) knit, but I can crochet one stitch if someone can cast on for me. A while ago the lovely Carolyn at church started me off for some fingerless gloves. She felt I was ready to progress to a new stitch, but I ended up with this, so clearly I wasn't ready!


She very patiently started me off again, and I now have this:


It needs to be much longer and then I need to do the same again for the other hand, but these will be perfect to driving to school in the autumn / winter when the car is cold and I'm waiting for it to heat up!

(Do you like my ergonomic crochet hook - made with two packs of Sugru - I love that stuff!)



  1. its all about practice .. so well done .. just keep going xx.. and think about having lovely warm hands in the cold weather x

  2. Congrats! I was so excited to you had linked up today :) Now you've got going I'm sure you'll have them finished in no time and they'll be perfect for driving in the Winter :)

  3. That's one stitch you have learnt! So good what you have done so far! And they will be lovely and warm mittens for driving! And love the crochet hook!

  4. like you I struggle with crochet, following the instructions baffles me and I find I can no longer knit due to finger joints, you have done well and they will be great as you say when driving, when I had a car I could never wear gloves as did not feel in control!


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