Wednesday 12 August 2015

Too Busy to Blog (2)

Photo heavy again - lots more making with Jackie . . .

(We didn't actually make these this weekend, but blew the dust off them and made a plan for them!) Aren't they fab!

We made these binding kits
From this website

And these baskets for our wonderclips,

Jackie's My Small World is looking fab.

She's soon getting to the place where the book says to embroider some city landmarks.

As one of our projects for the weekend was to use the embroidery machine, and as I'd brought the design software with me . . . We've stitched a few landmarks that Jackie has been to

And one to represent this beautiful historic church near where she lives

We also stitched a few tractors for young master Grandson

And then finished off making a zippy pouch with an internal zip pocket

From this magazine
But now, sadly, I'm home again, so life returns to normal. Thank you Jackie for a fab few days xxxx


  1. obviously you had a fab time at Jackie`s and creative too. My small world is looking great it is certainly a very popular piece too do. Love the pouch not tried one of those all those zips are a it off putting!

  2. Seriously need the zippy pouch with internal zip pocket. Back to working too many hours. I will have to look for the mag. on eBay.
    You guys are amazingly productive together. Someday you will have to tell the back story on Benta & Jackie.

  3. So nice to be away, but always nice to come home. Lovely looking projects ; )

  4. Looks like the two of you had a great time. Lovely pouches and quilt blocks!

  5. Such fun to sew with my 'twin', if there weren't other people in the house we could easily forget to eat! Roll on next time quickly please :-) xx

  6. I love the pouches in the final photo!


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