Friday 15 April 2011

Teaching weekend

My busy weekend has come around again - how quick was that?

This afternoon I'm at Chertsey Museum, teaching this No Sew Denim Bag that I taught at the library a few months ago

Then at the library tomorrow we are working on the two colour Rail Fence designs the ladies started last month on the month before, and then a quick dash to Kelli's Baby Shower, the back to Crafts, Cuppa, and Chat in Church, then I'm done!

The last few days have been spent occasionally being mum ... Niki and I went to a fish spa, and had dead skin removed from our feet by fish (!!!)

A very bizarre experience, Niki reckoned pins and needles, I reckoned a very mild electric current, like a tens machine on low, either way, not unpleasant, and our feet felt really soft afterwards, although my fish all sunk the the bottom - over fed? (No, my calves aren't THIS big, it's a dodgy perspective!!!)

I then made some postcards, some as Thank You cards, and others just because!

And I have to share what my postman shoved through my letter box - The lovely lovely lovely Jo from Bearpaw and Bearpaw showed a fab make up / stuff purse a few weeks ago that they are selling in their shop, (if you have a minute or two, go visit and see the awesome Computer Geek quilt she is making. Inspired by this - I LOVE the colours and the clean crisp lines)

I did suggest that she could send me the flimsy, but I am VERY happy with the compromise of the bag, and she also sent the sweetest magnetic cupcakes.  It was great to talk to a fellow blogger, especially one who has such good taste, I just wish I was nearer Edinburgh so I could visit the shop!

The timing was perfect as we are doing the denim weaving this afternoon, so I can take my new bag to inspire the ladies (NOT to show off and gloat!!!)


  1. The fish spa sounds weird, lol. I haven't heard of anything like that around here.

  2. Benta, I found your blog via your plea on BQL. What a stunning blog. Could you photograph or scan the sketch of the design you want to do? I'm sure someone on BQL would know it - or indeed one of your blogging friends.

  3. Thanks for the mention Benta! I am glad they got there safely. That fish spa sounds amazing - got to be easier than a pumice stone!

  4. Really?? Were they leeches or just fish? What a unique experience! Love that little pouch you received. So cute.

    The good old rail fence block again!

  5. Hello Benta! Vow - fish spa sounds interesting or 'tickling'! I love your log cabin quilt and for me the white is good in the middle. You have done great shopping! Patchwork boots must be great! Have a lovely Sunday! xxx Teje


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