Monday 4 April 2011

Mothering Sunday, and another finish

I had a lovely day on Mothering Sunday (its traditional name in the UK, before Hallmark etc Americanised it)  My mum had stayed over night on her way to Norway, so I saw her in the morning, then had a late breakfast with my girls and was spoilt, then we popped in to see Brian's mum in the afternoon!

My girls got me this lovely daisy bead for my troll bracelet
 And Lisa made me this notebook cover

I like being spoilt!
As I put my new troll bead onto the chain, the others all fell off (twice - doh!).  I like to have them in the right order (even though I usually have the silvers on one bracelet and the colours on another) and I keep a record in a note book of what and when.  I had problems finding the note book, so thought I would record it here instead!

2007 (09) bracelet from Bette, hydrangea from Lisa, heart from Niki, red and gold from Terri, water lily (SMandE). seals from girlfriends in Marrakesh.  (12) white glass from Lisa, Castle from Ems, and the blue beads from Brian. 
2008 (Anniv) hearts from Brian, (09) viking design from mum, pumpkin from Niki, B from SMandE.
2009 (spring) red, orange yellow from Sally, (07) forget-me-not from Katherine, and one-of-a-kind from Sophie (07) Faith Hope and charity from Sue, (09) tea rose from Niki, (12) pink and white from Brian.
2010 (06) turquoise from Jane and the Halsnoy teens, (09) church from Alice
2011 (08) love what you do, and do what you love, in memory of Uncle Geoff, (04) daisy bead from Niki and Lisa, (edit, Christmas, a viking from Niki? Spring 2012: Dala horse on leaving WPS birthday 2012, a blue boy from Niki, a Mum heart from Lisa and a troll from Brian. Birthday 2013: red poppies from L&N, buttons from Leeds girls, buttons from Alice, love birds from Brian Birthday 2014: angel from Terri Spring 2015: home is where the heart is (Niki) Anniversary 2015 twin birds May 2015: red gems (niki)

I've now finished our quilt for Vinny-James.  Not a technically complicated one, but use of a flimsy that has been sitting around for a while, and a lovely 'blankie' size.
I quilted it "free range"- just gentle curves as suggested by the bargello blocks, and then hand stitched the label and the binding while we were on the way to Mother in Law's for Mothering Sunday.  Another 'finish' :-)


  1. I really like the pattern of the quilt you did. It might be simple to you but not me! Looks very cool and you're right it will make a wonderful blankie. And what sweet gifts. I'm glad you had a nice mother's day

  2. Lovely charm and great bracelet, cute book and great quilt - success!!


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