Tuesday 19 April 2011

A block, a flimsy and a postcard

Folded Prairie Points   No idea why they are called this, but I found an easy-to-follow guide on how to make them here, and thought they'd be great for Hilary's textured quilt.
I have today finished the flimsy for the warm and cool log cabin.  I do like it better now that it is all joined together.  I added more blocks of white in the hope they would look more intentional


And finally, a postcard under construction for Hadley

I use pelmet/craft stabiliser from the local fabric shop. and I cut it to 6" x 4".   I cut my backing fabric slightly bigger and glued the fabric to the stabiliser

Then I cut a piece of fabric for the mug, and sketched on the mug using a frixon pen (it vanishes when ironed)

I drop the feed dogs on the machine (although some people don't bother) and use a darning / free motion quilting foot.  These are the ones I can use, my preference is for the middle one

I then kind of draw round the mug with the needle on a slow speed.  I went round a couple of times, and I don't try to follow the previous stitches.

When I'm happy with the mug I trim back the excess mug fabric.  I like these applique scissors, but any will do: take care not to cut the base fabric.

I also have some cookie fabric which I love, co I cut out a cookie and added that in the same way

Finally I cut a sheet of paper to the same 6X4" size, and glue that to the back of the card, and the stitch through the base fabric, the stabiliser and the paper.  As I used paper I just did a running stitch.  I could have used a piece of cotton fabric, and then I could have used a blanket stitch or another decorative one

Enjoy your cuppa and calorie free cookie!


  1. Oh Benta I love you!!! Thank you - I am emailing you NOW!!

    I will bookmark this tute for when I am feeling brave again - I need to look at my feet! I think I only have a zipper one in my tool box!

  2. I have some applique scissors that I bought almost 10 years ago and only used once, lol.

  3. You are amazing! Getting so much done. Your flimsy is so nice and those textured blocks are great! So many possibilities.

  4. another block for Hilary's quilt, which looks lovely, another teacup postcard and your 'block' with more white - when do you have the time!!?? LOL from Your very impressed Mum xxx

  5. Hi Benta, thanks so much for the postcard. Lovely surprise, and stopped in my tracks on my domestic goddess duties. Only doing them so I can get out in the sun!

  6. Hello Benta! That quilt is going to be wonderful! I love those happy colours and the log cabing is so great!
    What a lovely idea you had for a card!
    Happy Easter to you and your family! xxx Teje


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