Sunday 24 April 2011

A new follower

I had a giddy moment when I saw I had a new follower and I went to her blog. Such a compliment to be followed by a really accomplished sewer [awful word!!] patchworker! I've never been to Amy's blog before, but she really is worth a vist ...

I'm typing this laying in bed, so no photos yet. I did start backing the batik pinwheels yesterday, but kept getting interrupted by people remembering I am 'mummy', particularly the 20 year old, LOL. Still we did get cupboards tidied, about 20 handbags thrown out, the lizard moved into a new tank, and the hedgehog moved into the vacated tank, and Brian got the bathroom floor almost finished, and the original embroidery machine running again, plus plenty of stops and chats in the sunshine

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  1. What a busy few days, both with moving animals around and Brian getting on with the bathroom and mending the original embroidery machine! I'm impressed. LOL to all from Your Mum x


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