Thursday 12 May 2011

A day off...

I don't work at school on Thursdays: this leaves me a day free if I want to visit mum or Lisa.  I love them both, but today I wasn't visiting either, so yippee, I had nothing in the diary!  What a difference it makes to be able to sew without clock watching!

I had some 'ladder' blocks which pre-date the blog, but finally today I decided to do something with them (they are, at least, on my to-do list!)

So from this
I got this 
and now this (just stitched in strips at the moment)

I have also (ages ago) signed up to do a  postcard swap - with a theme of my favourite pet.  As we have this little chap in our house, how could I not?
 (And yes, we are allowed to keep one indoors, and no, he didn't come from the garden, and yes, he really is as cute as he looks!)

 So here are his postcards!
 And lastly I've started on a job I've been putting off since last October: Every autumn I go on a girly trip for a long weekend with friends.  Years ago I made us backpacks for a trip, and  now we have an embroidered design for each trip.

This is Jane's bag, the other side is just as busy: 10 trips in 8 years!

Last October we went to Florence, and the design was easy, but with so many designs it was becoming difficult to hoop a spare bit of bag, so I kept putting it off.

Anyway today I thought outside the box, and have embroidered Florence onto fabric that I can easily stitch onto the bags - bingo!


  1. Hello Benta! Your trip with girl friends sounds great! and what a lovely idea to have memories in - or on - a bag!
    You pet is the most sweet!
    that ladder block is really nice - I have all the time in my mind 'my dream quilt' and try to find the way to do it. This could be lovely pattern for it!
    xxx Teje

  2. I am in the postcard swap with Benta and was lucky enough to get one of her postcards. Twiglet is adorable.


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