Saturday 28 May 2011

Do you believe in coincidences?

Do you believe in coincidences?

Consider these facts

I eventually managed to get hold of a copy of a new craft magazine, Molly Makes, as recommended by Hadley, and I read it in a couple of evenings.  Then I remember putting it on top of the laundry basket to take downstairs to the sewing room.  Now I cant find it anywhere

Fast forward a few days, and look at this photo of my garden =>

Yes, it was taken today, 28th May 2011

No: it hasn't snowed.

Now take a look at the clothes that came out of the washing machine

 (...this photo was taken after a further two washes)

Regrettably I think the answer is obvious, these facts are NOT coincidental

Somehow, without noticing, I have filled my washing machine with dirty clothes (intentionally) and with my Molly Makes magazine (needless to say, unintentionally)

I now have 4 bras, several pairs of knickers, two pairs of trousers, and a number of t-shirts covered in a fine dusting of scraps of paper.  Two t-shirts escaped the worst of the paper ... and they were his!!!

Pleeeeease don't ask me how I managed not to notice - I have no idea, but I am expecting the men in white coats to come for me any minute now!

(Can I justify blaming Hadley?  No I didn't think so, but it was worth asking)

While I waited for them, I embroidered 8 of these hand towels for a friend's customer.  At least I didn't put any in the toaster, or in the CD drive!  I have delivered them to her tonight just to protect them from any inexplicable whim!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Benta!!! That is quite frankly one of the saddest and funniest things I have heard and seen in a while!! I blame the driving lessons, I reckon being at the mercy of learner driver has turned you do-lally!

  2. What a shame! I once get some of my kids crayons in my dryer. Not a pretty picture!

  3. Lol!!! I'm not sure what's sadder, the loss of the hard found magazine or the endless fight with the washing to reduce the damage.

    The bliss and the terror of the children driving... I don't envy you! X

  4. That's too funny!!!! Thanks for the early morning laugh.

  5. Those are great towels!...usually when I am waiting for the "White Coats" to put me in a straight brain would never be capable of leading me into such creative endeavors. =P sorry for all the mishaps...I can totally relate.


  6. That is pretty funny - although you're not alone in doing sadly funny things. I've definitely had my days where I felt I should hide in the closet from the men in white coats. What's done is done, so why not laugh?


  7. I'm sure it's happened to all of us in some form at some time or another! I know I've done a 'dark' wash and found I've left a tissue in a pocket, with similar result .... LOL xxx

  8. A lot of people have done worse, like putting the mobbile phone in the washing machine. It makes a good story.


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