Thursday 5 May 2011

mum saw these...

my mum saw these quilts and thought of me, aren't they great :-)  I especially love the stained glass window and the matching quilt - must have been made by a very talented quilter!

Thank you  mummy!


  1. Wow - that has given me an idea, thank you Benta's Mummy - I think I might have to try and make a quilt (well probably just a block!) based on one of my Dad's stained glass creations... another thing to go on 'the list'!!

  2. Great window and quilt and a lovely Mummy, of course, for thinking of you and your creative buddies too. :-)

  3. I'ts prompted 'chicken and egg' type questions - which came first, the window or the quilt?
    Lovely - thanks for sharing them.

  4. The first one reminds me of the scribble pictures we used to do in elementary school. Very pretty.

  5. Really beautiful quilts and the window!
    Have a great weekend!
    xxx Teje


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