Sunday 8 May 2011

Welcome Stash Manicurists

I am a bit very nervous, not sure I'll sleep tonight ... Any time now, Madame Samm over at Stash Manicure will be publishing a post from little old me.  It was meant to be in a few weeks time, but at short notice it was moved to 9th May so I ran out of time to find an excuse to wimp out!.

So welcome to Stash Manicurists, thank you so much for clicking the link!  The Charity Quilt giveaway moved down on the screen, but you can scroll down or [click here].  All comments will be looked at, whether on this post, that post or the garden post!

As an excuse for a photo on this post, have a look at these yummy fabrics I've been collecting for my Sis-In-Law's birthday pressie: red grapes, green grapes, corks and bottles of wine ... SO her!

Not telling what it is yet, just in case she visits the blog!


  1. Hope you managed to get some good sleep - your guest post was great!

  2. Congrats, Benta, I'll look out for your post on Madame Samms site - I'm a follower of this blog.

  3. I'm over from Stash Manicure. I am anxious to see what you are planning for your sister-in-law!

  4. Well done you, no need to lose sleep :)


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