Monday 23 May 2011

a bit of sewing

 I have finally finished Sister-In-Law's tablecloth-cum-blanket, and can show it here since (a) her birthday was last week and (b) she's on holiday so no chance she'll see the blog!

I have been collecting wine themed fabrics for a while for this project, and love the way the fabrics have come together.

All the black squares have been embroidered with a wine bottle or a wine class,(black on black) and the middle two squares are also the label with her name, the year and our names, also in black
I have gone as far as I can with my pentagon ball too.  In the photo it may look ready to throw , but it is just full of air as I cant find the bag of stuffing that I thought I had, so another visit to the fabric shop, oh dear, what a shame!
I have also done some work on the Whirly Gig quilt, but seem to have spent longer typing the instructions  than actually sewing it.  It isn't worthy of a photo at the moment, but I am loving the way it's turning out :-)

A few days of work now will interfere with my sewing, but then a week off for half term, although with Niki able to start learning to drive on Tuesday, and her absolute determination to pass in less than 9 weeks means we'll be out in the car more often that I'll be behind the sewing machine.

(ooh, ooh, that reminds me, a friend at church is on a five year mission to clear out her mum's old house.  She wanted to know if I could find a good home for and old sewing machine.  I should have at least hesitated ... I do have 7 at the moment ... but when she said it was a Bernina from the 1960s i grabbed at the chance.  It needs a service but it exactly the same as my mum's friend, Anita, gave me years ago, that unfortunately went BANG in a puff of smoke about 4 years ago.  I loved that machine, such a work horse, so I hope I can get Brian to give it a service ... Thank you Carolyn :-)


  1. You have certainly been busy! Your sister-in-law will love the tablecloth/blanket! You're so clever to embroider the wine bottles in the black squares!
    The pentagon ball looks great too! sewing machine! Only another quilter can appreciate that you NEED another machine.....just because!

  2. I love the idea of an alcohol quilt! Looks great. Good luck with the driving - don't envy you that job!

  3. Lovely quilt - I hope that SiL appreciates it!
    And 8 machines?!? crikey! Hope they all earn their keep!

  4. I wanted to copy the paragraph about the new (and old) sewing machine, so I could e-mail a copy to Anita, but got stuck. Can you please e-mail it to me? LOL xxx

  5. Oh ... looking at this wonderful quilt makes me feel like I would like a glass of wine ;-))


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