Thursday 26 May 2011

No sewing today

Priority claim on my time for the last three days has been driving lessons.

Wrapped around work and the odd bit of shopping, cooking, eating etc, Niki and I were out twice on Tuesday (first and reverse gears in the morning, up to third gear and three point turns in the evening) once yesterday (9 roundabouts) and then twice today (hill starts, traffic light roundabouts). Phew, my nerves have taken a while to recover! But don't laugh, the BSM instructor (thank you Tesco vouchers) has said she'll *try* and get her onto a main road on Sunday: we've been there, and done that!

Anyway, her theory test was today, she got 94% on the multi choice and 84% on hazard perception, but only needed 80% and 60%, so no problem there.

I promise I won't bore the blog with updates, but sewing could be slower than usual for a while!


  1. Life will be easier when the driving lessons are over and she is confident enough that you don't worry every second that she is behind the wheel. Then you'll have another person who can run errands!

  2. Well done Niki!!
    You've put my nerves on edge thinking about the 'future' - I have 11 years to start panicking!

  3. Well Benta, my Chloe will be 17 soon and she is so excited about learning to drive, and I'm worried, for the car mainly as the hand break is near the driver's door and not in the middle. So I have a lot of sympathy for you.


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