Monday 18 May 2015

Happy Hexies

A few weeks ago I started a new (sigh) hexie project

It's grown to this


And I've just had a delivery of more grey. Sadly not exactly the same, but that's my fault for not knowing what the original was called!

I think it wont be too bad as the rainbow will separate the greys, and d'you know what? I don't mind if there are two shades of grey!!! I will soon stop going all the way round and let it grow top and bottom so it becomes a rectangle - probably more use than an enormous hexie!




  1. this is coming along well and I so agree it will not matter if the grey is slightly different

  2. maybe its a good thing that the grey is different and then the contrast will be even more interesting ,... it looks wonderful and SO vibrant x

  3. So long as you don't add another 48 shades of grey, of course.....!!! Looking fabulous, Benta!

  4. I love the brights against the grey. I think variation/s in grey separated by the colours will look great :)


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