Saturday 23 May 2015

T-Shirt Bowls

Yep, t-shirts turned into bowls! Another fun evening at Chertsey Museum!!!

I really enjoyed last night's class: I showed the dozen ladies how to cut up a tshirt to make yarn (we used this method from Mollie Makes ) and then we had a go at using it to make bowls

What do you reckon?


Aren't they looking great?



  1. wow! never seen that before what a great idea xx

  2. Rather fab. I have some cotton washing line on my desk waiting to be wrapped for bowls. It may have a long wait though.

  3. What a great idea, another one for my to do list!

  4. Very interesting! I haven't tried bowls yet, but I always have a stack of t-shirts to donate.

  5. They are wonderful! Great upcycling :)

  6. such a good way to use up unwanted tee shirts.


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