Sunday 17 May 2015

Sweet Sixteen Scrappy Swap (and Stupidity)

Jackie had a really good idea - we should do scrappy blocks, but make two of each and swap the spares.

We discussed various blocks, and finally decided on a 16 patch where alternates were white ish, and the others are using up whatever we've got - it would be fun to see if we can have each patterned square as a unique fabric.

Jackie started yesterday with this one

and I had a play this afternoon (rubbish day at work so I needed therapy!)

I rooted through my far-too-full strips box

And paired a whole load of strips with fabric that was white or certainly low volume

And joined them together and cut them up and rejoined them:

So a 16 patch needs to be 4 x 4 yes? And I need to think double to make one for Jackie too?

Well in my mind that was a lot of doubling. It was only after I'd joined each one to white and pressed them that I realised I had enough not for TWO sweet 16 blocks, but FOUR!
Anyone else want to make and swap some sweet 16 blocks????


  1. Quilt maths is not my strong point either Benta :)

  2. Sounds as though you needed a lot of sewing therapy making twice as many blocks! I can swap with you.

  3. At least you went through your scrap box I just pulled random fabric and cut pieces of!!!

  4. How funny! Probably you were doing that at the same time that I was sewing / unpicking / resewing / unpicking again / resewing again some corner blocks that I couldn't put on the right way round!

  5. well you were obviously having fun xx

  6. My math usually results in fewer blocks than I need. More is definitely better.


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