Wednesday 13 May 2015

Jilly's Garden Gate

A year or so ago my father and my aunt were visiting from Seattle, and we all went and had lunch with a friend of his, from the old days, and his wife.  Chris and Jilly have a wonderful house and after a pub lunch we sat in a quiet sundrenched courtyard having coffee and cake.

Opposite my chair was this garden gate

I love the lines of it, and it called out to become a quilt.  By coincidence my aunt had brought me some fabric - flowery fabric.

I managed to find some "wood" fabric and have worked on this on and off since.  It had never progressed enough to become a blog post by itself until now, all of a sudden, it's assembled, quilted and machine bound, so I present Jilly's Garden Gate:

I just need to hand finish the binding and its done

And I just thought I'd share a Happy Hexie collection - having tacked lots of hexies, I'm now in the mood for making flowers, lets hope I'm soon in the mood for sewing them together!

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  1. wow!... just shows inspiration is all around use .. we just need to be able to "see" it xx well done x


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