Monday 25 May 2015

Sweet Sixteen Scrappy Blocks

I may have got a bit carried away making these sweet 16 scrappy blocks:

I made five pairs . . .

 Than another five . . .

And I have some single blocks plus lots of strips left over

Don't they look fab together!

Ive made 30 odd so far and have plenty of scraps left, and Jackie is making some too,  and Sue is sending some over to be swapped with duplicates, so by the time Jackie comes over in early July we'll have enough between us to make a top each


  1. Looks like lots of fun, using up scraps!

  2. Hurray for scrap quilts! Enjoy your time together in July

  3. such a good way of using up scraps, I have cut out 980 2.5" squares to make a steps to the altar quilt, not sure when I will do it though!

  4. Carried away? You? Ahem..... but only in the best way! Lovely looking blocks!


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