Friday 15 May 2015

Wefting and Warping and Weaving

I'm gradually getting the hang of this woven quilt.  I'm adding instructions here for myself for when I make another one, but of course they are for anyone else to use too.

I'm going to refer to weft and warp - if you have problems remembering which is which this may help:

wEFT goes right to LEFT

while warP goes toP to bottom

I had a jelly roll which split more or less into darkish fabrics and lightish fabrics (EDIT: my jelly roll had two strips of each fabric, if there was just one this would only come out as about 47 x 36".   I added 2.5 yards of black, also cut into 2.5 strips) 

I used 11 light fabrics for the weft: for each one I used TWO  width-of-fabric strip, 2.5 inches wide, cut into six strips each measuring 2.5 x 6.5 inches.  These got labelled A to K.

I used 11 darker fabrics for the warp: for each one I used TWO width-of-fabric (wof) strip, 2.5 inches wide.  

I used black as my background: I cut 22 wof strips from yardage.

From each pair of warp strips, one got paired with two black strips and stitched so it had a black strip each side.  I pressed the seams to the black fabric

The other warp strip of each fabric got cut into 6.5" strips.

I sub cut the black-warp-black strips into 2.5" strips, and matched them with the 6.5" strips of the same fabric.

 And I clipped them together labelled 1 to 11

And breathe - you have done all the prep and are ready to start creating

Starting with the number 1 warp fabric, I took two black-warp-black units, and stitched them to each side of a weft fabric to make a + block.

I repeated with all the odd numbered warps, and press the seams out to the darker fabric

These blocks (above) are becoming the bottom edge of the quilt.  You can now see some of them in the right place.  I now only need to pop the even numbered warp fabrics into place and they are already to be stitched together to make the row.

Alternate rows are slightly different:  If you see the top row here it needs a red-with-white-spots warp on the left but it also needs a black-weft-black unit to the very left.

Luckily this row will only need 5 "+" blocks, so once they've been made using the even numbered warp units, and there will be one weft left over.  That one needs to have black top and bottom, and then needs to be sub cut into two 2.5" units which will be the first and last units in the row

Clear as mud?

My head is hurting, so I'm just going to give up typing and go and look at the beautifulness that is my progressing weft and warp weaving quilt :-)

(photographed at 90 degrees, so the weft and the warp are swapped here, sorry)


  1. clearer than mud !! lol x I like the look of these sorts of quilts .. but don't want to do it xx I DID understand the instructions though xx

  2. There's a rhyme?

    wEFT goes right to LEFT,

    while warP goes toP to bottom

    I had no idea. Love your color scheme of black, red, and white.

  3. My head hurts from just reading the instructions - which I'm sure are clear as I can understand them, even if they look complicated at first! Full of admiration for your creation!

  4. Well I know where to go when I want one making. ;)

  5. Woven patterns are deceptive -- they look easy but they need to be broken down in order to be properly pieced. (I tried one once.) Thanks for your good tutorial.

  6. It looks fabulous but I don't think I have the patience for that!

  7. This is a really good effect and great fabrics for showing off the 'weaving' :)

  8. super cute. I like the colors.

  9. What a fun quilt, you make it sound so easy, but my head is spinning.

  10. Awesome tutorial! I think I'll have to give this one a try soon. Thank you.


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