Saturday 30 May 2015

The List and the Lighthouse (Long!)

Yesterday's 'off list' making was almost certainly avoidance tactics - avoiding the Lighthouse Quilt.

The Lighthouse Quilt is specifically requested by my father.  Not just "A" lighthouse quilt, but a quilt depicting the Cape Flattery lighthouse in Washington please thank you very much.

I blogged about starting the quilt, and some photos of the lighthouse here. I made some units for the house and the tower and about 4 months ago it looked like this

It then got put away, but as I've a week off school I knew I should really clear the work table and do something with it.

I didn't like that one building was at an angle, and I didn't like the darkness of the windows and doors, the tower's light section was completely wrong and obviously some sort of land was needed!

I asked Mr Google for some help and found a whole new way of procrastinating!  I found better photos of the lighthouse and the island, Tatoosh:
And a lot of interesting articles about the Washingtom State History page about the island,  the Wiki page for the lighthouse, and article from Lighthouse Friends dot com, and some articles by Heather Bowers whose great grandfather was the lighthouse keeper there for 32 years.  The Lighthouse is no longer manned, and is being returned to the Makah tribe.  The island is virtually untouched by development, and is of interest to the archeological researchers at the Makah Cultural and Research Center, as well as to a variety of universities and environmental research groups. (Links more for my futue reference to save finding them all again)

I also found a few very helpful photos:

 From www.USCG.MIL website

These helped me get a better idea of the layout of the building, and I could see obvious mistakes in the initial layout.

I changed the building so we were looking straight on, I redid the windows and doors: (I know the previous versions were more like the original, but I preferred this lighter look.)  I have removed the tower's light section and will embroider that direct onto the fabric later, and I auditioned green grass and sea grass fabrics.  I also changed the light tower so it came out of the roof,

I then looked  more closely at the pictures and realised I didn't have to choose between the two grasses - I could use both

The next job will be to start preparing the applique pieces.  With serendipitous good timing, Katy posted some applique suggestions this morning, and I happen to have some fusible interfacing, and am now stitching each building part to the interfacing.

(But I've just realised the main building part still needs two windows, so I shall do them first!)


  1. To get it properly correct, you will need to come out and visit. I'm only a few hours away - you can stay with me.

  2. wow! I thought you had done a really good job with the original ... now I say DOUBLE WOW for the "new" version xx

  3. Your friend and mine Ms. Procrastination Ha. Well not maybe a friend but she is visiting me tonight. I have been thinking about going to the sewing room for a couple of hours now to work on a project that is in the I don't know what to do with the borders stage. I have been gone for most of the day.... that is not helping either. TIRED

    Your light house is looking amazing! I love the changes. Wishing you well on the next steps. Janita

  4. your Dad is going to be so thrilled with this hanging, you have certainly done your homework on the research and it is looking super.

  5. Really great job Benta! It seems the visit with Mr. Google paid off. I like your first interpretation too, then I scrolled down to the second one and I think you nailed it.

  6. Isn't the internet amazing. It's looking great.

  7. It's obviously the week for freaky coincidence, since a photographer I follow on IG is posting loads of pics from that area this weekend and I was looking up where Cape Flattery was yesterday!

  8. Gosh it is a whole new quilt Benta !

  9. That is amazing I love it.


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