Monday 1 June 2015

Tempting Triangles

I've never been a big fan of HSts, but it seemed a good project for the ladies at a Church House Group to tackle.

Assorted abilities, but over the last few months we made this, and on a recent Sunday we gave it to a lovely lady in the village, who, like the quilting on this, holds everything together!

I have experienced a deep, but unexpected love of HSTs!!!!

I don't know that I'd want to machine a whole pile of them, but hand stitching while chatting with friends and drinking coffee is a whole other matter!

As the original HST project was totally finished they wanted to start a new one, and this last Sunday must have sewn 50 or so together!  This time I used odds and ends of charm packs - the charms that didn't make the final cut in whatever I used the rest of their family for - and added white.  I'll ask them what arrangement they like best:

Flying Geese


Or like this

Looking good eh?


  1. Fab!
    The finished quilt looks stunning x

  2. I like the verisitility of half square triangles, but like you, they get pretty boring sewing them up if you need a lot of them

  3. there is so much you can do with half square triangle, I do make mine using 2 squares back to back which I find better than cutting the individual triangles, have lots of tiny ones from scraps, must do something with them one day!

  4. I love the HST 'church ladies' quilt and think that my favourite of the 'odds and sods' HST arrangements is the zigzag!

  5. Well done all of you! The HSTs are looking good, whichever layout you use (although I really like your zigzags!).

  6. I like the flying geese. Delighted you have come to the 'dark' side :-)

  7. The finished one is stunning and the new ones look nice in all of the layouts. I'll look forward to seeing which the ladies choose :)


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