Sunday 7 June 2015

Woven Windup

A few days ago I assembled the woven blocks quilt, and (since this photo) got the binding machined on, so it just needs the second side hand stitching down.  I used a new fleece from Ikea, a lovely marl grey

 I'm really pleased with the effect of it, although some seams didn't match too well

I actually had enough fabric that it could have been a bit bigger, but I'd run out of fleece so it stopped at Ikea's standard size: 51x67", but that left me with fabric, and I'm trying to finish project fabrics.

Having enjoyed making the white Sweet Sixteen blocks I decided to start one with the leftover Woven strips

I joined together quite a few strips, pressed them, and cross cut them

I'll need to arrange them a bit more randomly, as my *actually* random attempt has too many fabrics near their twin.

I shall have to used Avril's planned random method - she calls it Randoku - random, but not repeating in a block, column or row!


  1. Oh now that turned out really nice!

  2. Your woven effect quilt is brilliant - such a clever and striking effect - and the left over square blocks look great too. The light house is also amazing. I've enjoyed seeing it grow over these recent posts :)

  3. the woven quilt looks great, wonder how you went on quilting it I imagine fleece can be a bit of a pain to do. Good to see the left over blocks put to good use, happy random playing to get it how you want it

  4. Such a beautiful quilt and Have fun with the random !

  5. Great woven quilt! love your plan to randuko your left over squares!

  6. I like the quilts where you play with strips. I've still got the men's blue shirting one earmarked for a possible quilt moment.

  7. Random is harder than it looks, isn't it Benta?

    Your woven quilt looks lovely, what a great idea to use fleece for the backing too.


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