Sunday 14 June 2015

Bits and Pieces

I embroidered a shawl for a Christening for a customer

I had a go at designing a rope embroidery for the borders on the lighthouse:

 not sure about these

And I finally stitched the remaining Jenny Bayer charms into a top.  The while pack was a gift just over a year ago

and the dark ones were used in this project

leaving the medium and light ones.

 I chopped up the last on my Kona white and had just enough for this

I'll get some more white for the outside and will eventually chop this up again to make a square dance / lil' twister top like this one

Finally, at the village fair yesterday there were a few vintage cars and other vehicles - including a Burrell traction engine. Having designed this one a while ago

I was thrilled to see this one in real life


  1. Well done on using up the light charms. I like the double knot rope!

  2. you have certainly been very busy did you sleep at all over the weekend? Lovely embroidery on Christening robe and like the top ropes rather than the second ones. Certainly made good use of the charm pack, are we going to see the top you made too? I have about 8 charm packs and 5 jelly rolls must make use of them

  3. I like the figure 8 knot, it's more balanced than the overhand. You saving up flimsies now??? ;-)

  4. I like what you have done with those charms Benta.

  5. Love your rope designs. Lil Twister has always made my head hurt when I've tried to understand how it's made. I'm looking forward to trying to understand again when you show us a before and after of it!

  6. Your rope designs are fabulous and love your projects with the charms,anyone is stunning.!


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