Wednesday 12 February 2014

Gorgeous Gifts

With all the flooding around here, and Mother-in-Law breaking her hip (they replaced it yesterday, and she was up walking with the physio today!!!!!) I completely forgot to to tell you my mum is now back from her seven week trip to see my brother in Oz, and she came bearing gifts!

Belated birthday pressies from Brother & S-i-L:

And a 150 piece charm pack from mummy, all near solids from Jenny Beyer.
Both fabric packs are at the stroking-and-fondling stage at the moment - the button box has a whole load of small crafty bits in it


  1. Lovely gifts! Glad your Mum is back safe and sound from what must have been an amazing trip!

  2. Awesome gifts. I hope mum is healing well.

  3. Your mum knows you well Benta, enjoy stroking that fabric :)

  4. Love the button box, and enjoy the fabric. A nice bit of cheer from the awfulness of the weather. Hope that your mother in law makes a good recovery from her hip op. My Mum had an emergency hip op 4 years ago and was up and about in no time. Her recovery went very well and although there are a few things she can't do as well as she used to she does walk very well now

  5. Lovely prezzies! Glad to hear that your MiL is doing so well. My Dds' ballet teacher had her hip replaced a couple of years ago, and is still teaching a full set of classes - fingers crossed that it will work for your MiL too!

  6. Cool button box. Always fun to get touchable & strokable presents.


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