Monday 10 February 2014

Finishing Felt & Floods

Last summer Jackie and I went on a felting course, and made these

I never really felt the love for my, um, creation, (the red one) but loved the finish of Jackie's (the pink one)

I eventually snipped some holes in the top of mine, and pulled them about a bit, but it was still a strange shape:

(excuse the after photo posing as a before photo!)

So I took a deep breath and cut it in half, leaving me with (as best I can describe them) a fez and a crown.

Now I have stitched a circle of red felt onto the 'crown' 

and its now a bowl I'm delighted with

And I'm left with a fez.  I may be snipping holes in that too in the summer (it involves water too, and is best done in the garden!) but at the moment it's great for empty cotton reels!

Admittedly, it wasn't ON my to-do list but at least it's half finished!

PS Just thought you might like to see my attempted journey to work today,
That blue dot was me, an hour from home, and a mile from home!  Heading for the *bad* traffic - so I turned round and came home

and joined some neighbours on traffic control on the main road at the end of my lane ... 

SatNavs were still telling people to go through our village to get to Datchet (2.5 miles away), despite the BBC showing that Datchet had become one big village pond, so people weren't going to get there


  1. You are never a stranger to excitement. I hope the waters recede soon. Did you get any extra sewing time out of it?

  2. Hi Benta! I'm happy to see your exciting felting! Great idea to continue your creation! I have also one felt Project waiting for a friend with her dogs wool. Hope to have good weather to do that outside. And I do hope your weather gets better and the huge problems with water stops. x Teje

  3. Wet felting then, huh? Sorry, that was mean ;o)

    Hope they can find somewhere else to stick the water soon!

  4. Well done on the felting finish now we can book her again :-) hope that water recedes quickly!

  5. A felting finish sounds good to me Benta! Hope that you are soon complaining about hosepipe bans :)

  6. Splendid felting - and a complete bonus, managing to make two lovely containers from your starter pot!
    Fingers crossed that the water is still away from you and that the threatened storms bypass us all....... xx

  7. Best to stay out of that wet mess. I once drove my car, filled with 3 little boys and one big dog, through a large puddle like those. My car died. Ever since then the boys have laughed at me for trying to baptize the van.


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