Tuesday 11 February 2014

Sorbet Squares Extra

A while ago I made a flimsy that I called sorbet squares.  It looks lovely from a distance, but I'm not very pleased with the points: I used too big a stitch and some seams are pulling open.

So today, in between manning the road to slow down nutters driving through floods, and answering work emails (I worked out how to hack into the system from home), I had a little  play with my embroidery software:

I created this flower applique, and used some of the left over sorbet squares to experiment with adding some flowers which coincidentally hide the dodgy seams

I really like these!  So now I'm ready to finish the quilt, AND make a cushion to go with it

Another day!

(I think I may have to go back to work tomorrow: the floods levels are dropping in my village even though you are probably seeing lots of Wraysbury on the news still - and we did get a visit from some very nice (young) army lads checking up on all the residents, they must have wondered what the fuss was about - in the sunshine, walking on practically a dry road!!!!)


  1. Love your embroidery save! Glad to hear your water levels are diminishing. It looks awful on the news.

  2. Great that the water is going down and I am delighted to see you put your time to good use :-)

  3. Gotta love a fix that hides dodgy seams and looks great too :) Hope your waters keep diminishing!

  4. Sweet idea. What software do you use?

  5. Great 'fix' - it makes the quilt look really pretty, clever girl!
    Glad to hear that the water levels are dropping - hope that continues.

  6. So glad you are not swimming!
    Nice save with the flowers xxx

  7. Yep, I keep yelling to John, that's where Benta is!! Good solution for the quilt too.

  8. Cunning plan for those points :oD

    If you're not getting rain, may I send you some of our snow? You know, for a bit of theme and variation...


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