Monday 24 February 2014

Mental Gymnastics

Jackie snd I spend a day first pulling batiks from her stash, then cutting them with the tessellating sizzix die 

Then stitching about half of them into random pairs , she stitching , me pressing, and trying to fit those pairs into a tessellating design

After we'd used the two unit blocks we continued with single pieces , it really was difficult to fit them together after they'd been joined.

We did end up with this lovely arrangement 

Not bad for a day's play!!!!


  1. I never would have guessed what you were going to end up with by the beginning photo! Great team work!

  2. Luckily Benta is much better at gymnastics than me otherwise I would still be trying to figure out the first block! LOL

  3. Looks like hours of fun and entertainment!

  4. I love all those colors together. Wonderful block pattern too!


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