Thursday 6 February 2014

Customers, Crazy Cakes (and cr@p)

While I've been plodding through a box of these, 
(and trying to ignore another box from another customer, why do they come at the same time?), Niki and her friend Becca have been the creative ones:

Ladybird and tortoise cakes

With wild and wacky insides

And they were yummy!!!  

On not such a happy note, (after starting to write this post) mother-in-law fell yesterday and broke her hip, and we've had a warning from the environment agency that water levels locally are going to reach flood levels so I may not get much chance to sew, blog or read your blog posts in the foreseeable future!   

Comfort food is so necessary at the moment, pass me the cake tin


  1. sounds as if you need more than cake!! Hope all turns out well x ... now where is thet bottle ? xx

  2. Aww, sorry to hear about MIL, hope she gets better soon, and that you don't float away!

  3. Oh dear Benta, you are having a miserable time. Hope the flood warning proves to be a false alarm and that your M-I-L is soon on the mend.

    Can only admire your restraint in leaving the cakes long enough to photograph :)

  4. Take care of yourself.
    Hope your MIL recovers easily.

  5. Poor MIL! Hope recovery is smooth. And wellie's at the ready, hope it doesn't come up to you.

  6. ...dumb computer....take time to take care of you.

  7. It never rains but it pours - bugger!

  8. Nasty. Hope water stays low enough to not flood you, hope your MIL recovers quickly and completely. Hope that the wonderful cakes do their work and leave you feeling a little better about things! xx


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