Wednesday 26 February 2014

Technology Troubles

Sorry, no sewing update, no rambling and no pictures, just a shed load of excuses based on my phone playing silly games needing a factory reset. Having reset it (so I have no contact details, no emails, no easy access to other people's blogs, no photos) I STILL have the problem.

They are sending me a new phone, but in the meantime I feel I am living in the dark ages.

I'll be back in the 21st century when my new phone arrives, possibly Monday :-(


  1. Oh dear Benta, hope you are back connected to the world soon!

  2. I feel with you !!! I love technology ... but it can be a nightmare :-(((

  3. It's great when it works but when it doesn't it's a real pain :-(

  4. Enjoy the quiet of being unplugged. The world will keep.

  5. Rotten luck. Hope you are able to keep yourself busy without it! xx


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