Saturday 6 June 2015

Museum Making

Busy day yesterday - after "day job" in the morning I whizzed over to Chertsey museum where we all had a go at (wet) felting and made these fab flowers 

There was also a bit of show and tell: two felted fairies finished from last month

And from the recent evening session, a finished (and fab) t-shirt bowl

and a t-shirt basket

I then stayed at the museum for the evening session: not my class this time, but the other evening teacher who works mostly with paper: We made a vintage style scrap book page, although my plan (we I get proper prints of the photos rather than these photocopies) is to frame this for Mother-in-Law

This little blond cherub is (was? will be?) my husband!!!!


  1. That's a lot to do all in one day! Whew!!!

  2. your wet felting is lovely, and those angels so pretty can see you have got the knack for felting

  3. What a lovely selection of crafts to share!

  4. Gosh that's a lot of things! I hope you remembered to eat!

  5. What cute fairies and Brian too of course :-)

  6. I LOVE the felt fairies and your husband is/was adorable! The museum makes are all wonderful. You are such a talented group of people :)


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