Tuesday 16 June 2015

Teenagers and Tears

There are always complaints about teenagers and young adults: no respect, only thinking of themselves, getting drunk and fighting, you know the usual from sensational TV documentaries.

Well today a just-past teenager, (a 21 year old) and his friend made me cry! With relief and at their thoughtfulness!

Jackie's youngest is spending the summer on the west coast of America. I know he was planning on San Francisco, but when this BBC alert came in, I think my heart stopped


I immediately messaged Jackie to check he was ok, and got this message in reply

I could breathe again! She followed up with this info, and that's what made me cry!


There is hope for the world if half asleep young lads can make the connection between what has happened to people in another city and what their Mam's will be thinking at home.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who didn't get such a reassuring message xxx



  1. My thoughts and prayers too are with all who didn't get good news xx

  2. I am grateful we have cell phones where loved ones can immediately call/text/email the good/bad news.
    When daughter was in sketchy central america countries last winter, I was incredibly happy to pay the high cell phone bill.

  3. what a tragedy I so feel for the families of those that were lost so happy that Jackie`s son is okay, prayers and thought with those who have lost loved ones

  4. Horrible incident, but I'm as pleased as you that young people can think about how the news might affect their relatives. Glad that Jackie's son is OK, thoughts with those who don't have that relief to share.

  5. What a thoughtful young man. Such a terrible accident, so devastating for everyone involved.

  6. It's an awful accident. I'm glad Jackie's lad is well but do feel so much for those other families. Thank goodness for the immediacy of modern communication.

  7. seems we just have to trust them and be glad they know when to .. phone (or text) home xx

  8. So thoughtful. and a huge relief I'm sure :)

  9. Thank goodness Jackie's son was okay. I went through something similar when there was a shooting at my son's university. So scary.


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