Wednesday 10 June 2015

Departure into Dressmaking

I am most very definitely NOT a dressmaker - leaving aside that fact that my mum IS a dressmaker and any attempts in the past have been swiftly sorted by mum, I have issues with following instructions!

If you've read many posts on this blog you will know that I prefer to look at a finished item and have a go at making it myself rather than read instructions. (A quick look at the SLIK and Quick tab on this blog show 30 odd items, of which at least 3/4 are where I've "re-invested the wheel" rather than follow instructions!)

But, I've been seeing lots of basic tunics on Pinterest, and as well as Nessa who sews a lot, Janine has recently made a tunic, and I finally decided to take the plunge and take a departure into dressmaking.

I remembered Clothkits from childhood, and had heard they were trading again, so asked Mr Google, and found their website.  What I *remembered* were dresses etc printed onto fabric, like this:

What looks like fuzzy lines are the cutting lines for different sizes. 

So that's what I expected when I ordered this

What I got was *real dressmaking* stuff!  fabric, paper pattern, thread and oh good grief, a ZIP!  All included so I had no excuse not to start!

I didn't want to use the lovely linen on my first attempt as I'm not a standard size, so I used some donated fabric and gave it a go (do excuse Niki's bedroom as my backdrop, she has the only even half length mirror in the house)

I need to talk to mum about a few alterations, but I'm rather chuffed that (a) I followed all the instructions - they were really well written, and (b) noticed that the zip was optional (phew) and (c) there was no un-sewing necessary and (d) the pockets and top stitching went fine

Get me - I might be a dressmaker's daughter, but I think I just did some dressmaking!


  1. Whoo! Look at you! I have a fab tunic dress that I must take a pattern from and duplicate. Fashion is quite kind to us non standard girls at the moment isn't it. :-)

  2. well done x my dressmaking days ended when my daughter announced she was ... TO OLD for the dresses made for her!!! I always admire anyone who does do it xx

  3. What a fab result for your first attempt x

  4. You never cease to amaze me.

  5. your attempts have worked beautifully, I used to make all my clothes but since I started embroidery and then quilting have done none mind you I now live in trousers and they are tricky to do

  6. Well done you Benta, that looks like the start of a great new hobby :)

  7. Well done you! Does this mean that the dressmakers dummies will be vying for room along with your quilting gear? Another hobby - just what you need!

  8. It looks really good so far!
    Congratulations on giving this a go!


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