Tuesday 2 June 2015

Inspired, and Scared

Back in January I was delighted to receive two totally unexpected gifts, one from Amo and one from Kathy

Amo sent me this magazine

And Kathy sent me a bunch of hexagons

Because they arrived together, they have been associated together ever since.

I have been tacking the hexies around card templates (I DO love my sizzix!)  and browsing through the magazine.  A further inspiration came from this bag that Jackie made me

I was intrigued that there was no straight seam, the hexies all tessellated in together.

Anyhow, put all that ramble aside fora minute, and lets concentrate on the Lighthouse Quilt that I *should* be making

I used Katy's (rather fab) method of backing the applique pieces, and it worked brilliantly (and nothing got fused to the ironing board cover!)

I ought to now be ready to embroider the light section at the top of the tower (it's all designed and loaded onto the embroidery machine, but I'm scared it'll go wrong!)

So I thought I'd just practise Katy's next stage - machine blanket stitching the applique units onto the background (AFTER the embroidery, I'm not that daft!)

So did I have anything that needed appliqueing?  Well yes, kind of - if I just finish the hexies I can applique them

(how skilled am I at procrastinating?)

As I've started the bag I'd better finish it to save it being another UFO!  (The bag idea was from Amo's magazine, the Hexies were from Kathy and the assembly idea from Jackie - thanks ladies!)

Lined, all seams hidden, and slip pockets inside and out!

But now I really have run out of excuses so the fabric is hooped and I'm off to brave the embroidery.


If you hear screaming you'll know it went wrong!


  1. How cute is that hexi slip pocket.\? You are so inspiring because I want to ditch what I am doing and go make hexi's. Which I dislike doing, but such is the power . . .

    (b r e a t h e)

  2. Sweet little bag! Glad the mag was useful. And how has the stitch out gone??

  3. You are so funny! I hope the embroidery goes well! I am pretty frustrated today trying hand embroidery. It LOOKS so easy and it is called SIMPLE backstitch, haha!

  4. some lovely its and pieces you have received. Lighthouse project is coming along well, happing embroidering


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