Wednesday 13 May 2015

A Problem with Pink

So . . . I had loads of scrappy trip strips left over from Lisa's Christmas Quilt,  I decided to join them all together to make a bonus quilt

I 'd been given a roll of dark red fabric

So I actually decided to back the bonus quilt, and I even quilted it, proper like!

And I did a border and a nice scrappy binding

And then I just thought I'd wash it in case it ran a bit

I did use a colour catcher (ooops!)

It doesn't look too bad on this photo

It looks a little pink on this photo

But is clearly *very* pink in contrast to white paper

Needless to say the fabric is now going in the bin!


  1. I absolutely hate when that happens!

  2. What a shame Benta, red fabric can be such a pain. My mother turned my brother's rugby strip pink once when she accidentally left a red sock in the wash with it, he was not impressed!

  3. What a pain Benta. Red is so unpredictable, even after washing, it can wick in to everything.

  4. Doh! We've all done it. Worth washing the quilt a couple more times with another colour catcher or two? But I think that you are right to bin the fabric (much as it grieves me to say so!) otherwise you'll forget that its only for 'crafting' not sewing at a crucial moment and get cross all over again. Nice quilt, BTW!

  5. Oh no! It's always the red isn't it? What a disappointment.

  6. Bummer!
    I had some Henry Glass fabric run recently. Navy.
    Haven't been doing as much pre-washing this past couple years, but because all my fabrics were selected for the whole project, I did this time and so glad I did!

  7. What a bummer! All that work and to have it get "ruined"!! Bummer again. You have nothing to lose by washing it again with several color catchers, and some bleach. You never know?

  8. Always the red! What a shame.


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