Wednesday 27 May 2015

Parenting Problem

The ironing board is always set up in my house, with the iron ready to use at a moment's notice, but this is for *fabric* not clothes.

I have taught all the family how to carefully hang out wet clothes so as to avoid the need to iron them (and yes maybe my standards in that dept are lower than some).

So I have clearly not taught the girls the life skill of ironing clothes

Husband used to iron shirts before he met me, but did them the man's way:

And clearly *did* pass on that life skill

Although maybe not as well as he thought

So BOTH parents failed to teach that particular lesson!!!


  1. Lol! Yes, my ironing board has an iron but the only people that use them are Elsa and Mike when they come to stay. That's army for you. They usually have to find a duster first though. :-)

  2. so agree, why iron a whole shirt when only a small part shows!

  3. I'm in the same boat. Even though iron is always set up, I went out of my way to teach kids how NOT to iron. It's all in the way you set up drying. My bad.


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